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Creating A Career
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This course consists of detailed insights from Cliff’s quarter of a century’s worth of experience as a pro songwriter on how to build a business and a career around songwriting.

Thinking About A Career in Songwriting?

A career as a songwriter encompasses much more than just writing great songs.
Getting up every day and doing the necessary work can be a bit overwhelming when you're not exactly sure what work there is to do.
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By breaking down the various parts of a songwriting career into manageable pieces, I've made it much easier to see how songwriters aspiring to writing full-time can get started.
As a professional songwriter for over twenty years, I'm able to provide essential information about what a career in songwriting looks like and how to go about pursuing that career yourself.

The price of this course is $29.99 which includes not only a private link to the video so you can watch it as often as you'd like but also a link to download the bonus course material.