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Dare to Demo
Video Course
Designed to help you get your songs – and yourself – ready for a professional studio demo. It includes lots of practical, no nonsense advice on pre-demo preparation.

Thinking About Demoing Your Songs?

Making a professional demo of your song is not something you should decide to do without serious thought and preparation.
Great-sounding, polished studio demos are not inexpensive and they're often your best - and only - chance to make a great first impression in the eyes (and ears) of the music industry.
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This course will make sure that you know not only when your song is ready to demo but what to expect when you head into a professional studio to get your demo done.
I've leveraged my 25-plus years as a songwriter AND music producer to give you my behind-the-scenes insight into what you need to know about songwriting demo preparation.

The price of this course is $29.99 which includes not only a private link to the video so you can watch it as often as you'd like but also a link to download the bonus course material.