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with Cliff
Spend an hour with an 25-year veteran of songwriting and the music business discussing your songs, songwriting and getting answers to your questions about the industry.

I'm Here To Help

Writing songs and trying to get them heard is often a solitary effort.  As a result, it's almost impossible, early on, to have a sense as to how your songs measure up to the broader industry standard.
Having a professional songwriter's perspective on what you're doing right and what you could improve can be a huge help.
Here's How it Works
During a consultation, I'm available to cover any/all questions you might have about songwriting and the music business. The critiques I give are as much about helping you improve your songwriting going forward as they are about fixing/tweaking the current songs we'll be discussing.

The price of a consultation is $149.99 which includes not only a sixty-minute one-on-one conversation but also written critiques of up to three of your songs which I'll have listened to and prepared in advance of the session.