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This is all about helping you take full advantage of your time in a professional recording studio so that you come away not only with a great recording but a great experience.

Know Your Way Around A Professional Studio?

Congratulations on finishing a song that's strong enough to demo!
If you've already taken my "Dare To Demo" course, you'll know how to prepare yourself for a studio session but what about when you get to the studio on the day of the session?
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This course is all about making the most of the exciting and focused time in a professional recording studio and avoiding potentially stressful or uncomfortable situations.
Having spent several decades working in the studio, I've designed this course to give you real insight into how to maximize your time and end up with both a great-sounding demo and a terrific studio experience.

The price of this course is $29.99 which includes not only a private link to the video so you can watch it as often as you'd like but also a link to download the bonus course material.